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bringing new hope to children and young adults with cerebral palsy and other brain injuries
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Marten started ABR in January 2012. Below are a selection of pictures which demonstrate the improvements which have been made to the structure of his body, changing the position of bone and muscle as they happen. During this time ABR was also used to take scoliosis out of his spine and to open his pelvis, avoiding hip subluxation. Read more about Marten's Story.


January 2012 - there's no neck! The head sinks into the neck area which in turns sinks into the thorax.

January 2012 - when the head is turned to the left there's no clearance between chin and the top of the shoulder; restricting mobility.

January 2012 - same story, different side. Again the head is blocked by the shoulder when the head is turned to the right. Even lateral head control is not possible.

January 2012 - when the head is pushed up it simply sinks into the thorax (down past his nipples in this case). The point at which he bends is somewhere between the shoulder blades. Notice also the bulging abdominal area caused by weakness.

January 2012 - when the chest is compressed from the sides it simply collapses in the structure is so weak.

June 2013 - when you pull his legs into the air his whole body comes up with them indicating that the base of the spine is compressed and locked - there is very little mobility.

June 2013 - despite being off oxygen for more than a year Marten's chest is still quite shallow. The chest needs to further expand if lung capacity is to increase.

June 2013 - although improving, the neck still displays major "disconnection" from the rest of the body. there is no prospect of him being able to hold his own head up if he remains in this condition.

June 2013 - his shoulder girdle is still very weak but his shoulder blade has already moved from coming out the side of his body when lifting the arm. 

June 2013 - when one leg is pulled up off the ground the other leg simply follows, this is another example of what happens when the base of the spine is rigid.

June 2013 - very little demarcation between the rib cage and the abdominal area. A healthy body requires proper segmentation of its different parts to operate effectively.


November 2013 - now we see the clear formation of the neck and proper segmentation of head, neck and thorax.

November 2013 - same position, but this time there's plenty of space between the chin and the top of the shoulder; improving mobility of the head.

November 2013 - the blocking of the head is resolved and full lateral head control is established. This is the first building block on the road to full head control. 

November 2013 - the head does not travel so far down the chest (well above the nipples). His bending point has moved significantly up the spine. Note also that the downwards bulge in his abdomen has now disappeared indicating increased strength.

March 2013 - same exercise 14 months later, but now the rib cage has been strengthened, result - no collapse.

November 2013 - less than 5 months later work on the lumbar / sacrum area has reduced the sompression and the rest of his body remains on the table. This is a first essential for proper sitting.

November 2013 - the volume of the chest has significantly increased following intensive work on the lateral thorax allowing the lungs to further grow.

November 2013 - again, intensive work on the post / lateral neck area addresses the "disconnect" issue. He is now starting to partly hold his own head up bearing his own weight. Now on the way to full head control.

November 2013 - again, an improvement in thestrength of the shoulder girdle. This area will be the focus of much attention over the coming months.

November 2013 - the same position and pivot point, the other leg remains grounded. This is the start of independent mobility of the legs.

November 2013 - The process of segmentation continues and the demarcation lines are clear. Still a long way to go but this was over less than 5 months.